Fotograf Sarah Perfekt


Streetphotography Malmöcity

Hiding from a sudden rain I ended up in a little backyard cafe in Malmö yesterday. I ordered coffee and a warm sandwich, one of the best I’ve ever tasted actually, and sat down. A handfull of people visited the cafe at the same time and from my table I observed them during silence. Their voices and conversations, the cups and plates in front of them, their different moments in the cafe just before lunchtime a wednesday while the owners dog carefully walked around the chairs or lay down near the front door. Maybe that’s what street photography really is – small pieces from someones life. Just a short period of time when you happen to cross another humans life. Sometimes I don’t know why it feels som important to capture that moment, I mean many times I couldn’t predict that I was going to end up in it anyway. But I suppose it’s the life, maybe the evidence of it, that we really exist in so many different ways at the same time that is quit fascinating to me. And I want to tell the stories, one after another.



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